Jeff Eenigenburg, Director of Campus Worship, Bryan College

"Our campus was deeply challenged and encouraged by Christa as she shared her story and her expertise on the subject of human trafficking. Her honest talk about the realities of human trafficking and her first-hand experience as a survivor gave us fresh insights and fresh motivation to fight against the deplorable situations that fuel all forms of slavery in our world. We walked away with a burden to take action, to love and protect the vulnerable, and to trust God's power to overcome any form of darkness."

Rev. Joy W. Laughridge St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, FL

"Christa has a powerful testimony of a changed life. Her message to our congregation was an encouraging reminder that no one is beyond the reach of God’s mercy. Her story also sheds light on a part of life and a world of activity that many Christians can easily avoid looking at in their day to day lives. She is a voice that has come from that place that calls out to the Church on behalf of those who are still saying, “Don’t forget about us. We need you and we need your Jesus!” 

Lisa, Guardien-ad-Litem Volunteer

We were incredibly honored to have Christa come speak at a local foster care group home in 2016. Her stories of childhood abuse were unfortunately all too familiar with these girls, but she spoke at a level that was relatable to them and with an understanding of the emotions her story brought up. She was able to give practical examples of healthy relationships vs. abusive ones, encouragement and advice on how she overcame obstacles in her life, and even held an interactive discussion on the warning signs of trafficking. She stayed for an hour after to talk one on one with the girls.  We are grateful that Christa took the time to spend with these kids, and would have her speak again anytime! 

Dr. Shannon Hogan Trinity College of Florida

"I was both amazed and inspired when I heard Christa speak. Her story is a testimony of God’s deliverance, grace, and love. There are few people who have gone through what Christa has and live to tell about it. Every person needs to hear what she has to say, so they too can experience God’s amazing love and unconditional forgiveness. "
Dr. Shannon Hogan - Department Chair of the Business Organizational Leadership program at Trinity College of Florida

Marcia Allison 2016 CSA President for Diocese SWFL St. Mark's Episcopal Church Tampa

"Christa Hernandez, Founder of Loving You Where You Are At Ministries has been an acquaintance of mine for several years through a connection of close friends we share.  I have marveled the outreach stories that she has shared by visiting the monthly adult club industry and pouring out love to women who do not feel valued and loved.  In October of 2016, I invited her to speak at our annual Clergy Spouse Luncheon for 45 women and men for awareness to human trafficking and to inspire others to support this ministry.  Christa’s talk was heartfelt, emotional, and inspiring to all.  We were blessed by her courage and feel this ministry makes a vital impact in our community."

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